Great Business Ideas to Start in Mexico | Best 58 Business

Great Business Ideas to Start in Mexico | Best 58 business

Best business opportunities to get started in Mexico

1. Start an e-Commerce store
2. Start a jewelry manufacturing business ($361,000/month)
3. Start a coffee shop
4. Start a beauty salon ($550,000/month)
5. Start a language translation service ($275,000/month)
6. Start a business growth service ($8.67K/month)
7. Start an errand service
8. Start a gardening business
9. Start an SEO agency ($1.19M/month)
10. Become a delivery driver
11. Start a digital marketing business ($195,000/month)
12. Become a social media consultant ($11,700/month)
13. Start a cleaning service ($302K/month)
14. Start a dropshipping business
15. Start an auto parts store
16. Start a moving company ($60,000/month)
17. Become a gift basket seller
18. Start a tutoring business at home
19. Start a bakery
20. Become a nutritionist ($252,000/month)
21. Become a masseuse ($240,000/month)
22. Create an online course ($117K/month)
23. Become a mobile make-up artist
24. Start an old business ($15,000/month)
25. Start a mail business
26. Start an ice cream shop
27. Start an accounting service ($8K/month)
28. Become a temporary tattoo artist ($1.K/month)
29. Start a restaurant
30. Start a cooking class ($100,000/month)
31. Start a bookstore
32. Start a car rental business
33. Become a freelance application developer ($75.3K/month)
34. Start a mobile auto-detailing service
35. Start a mobile photo ($40.1K/month)
36. Start a cleaning and maintenance business
37. Become a mobile personal trainer ($30,000/month)
38. Start a pool cleaning business
39. Start a graphic design business ($44.3K/month)
40. Start a shuttle service
41. Start a Meal Preparation Business ($203,000/month)
42. Start a ticket resale business
43. Start a transcription business ($100,000/month)
44. Start a carpet cleaning service
45. Start a daycare center
46. Start a bed and breakfast business
47. Start a stock photography business ($5K/month)
48. Start a catering business ($20,000/month)
49. Start a content writing company ($35,000/month)
50. Start a tour company ($89.3K/month)
51. Start a cryptocurrency business ($35,000/month)
52. Become a Wedding Planner ($2K/month)
53. Start a window cleaning business
54. Become a nutritionist ($252,000/month)
55. Start a pool cleaning business
56. Become a masseuse ($240,000/month)
57. Launch a user feedback app ($21.3K/month)
58. Start a fitness equipment company ($264K/month)

Great Business Ideas to Start in Mexico | Best 58 business

Business  Start in Mexico

In recent years, new changes in Mexico’s foreign investment law have simplified procedures and facilitated investment in Mexico. These changes not only facilitated the administrative process but helped promote foreign investment and give foreign investors a sense of security.

But before you rush in and start a business in Mexico, here are a few things you need to know:

Ask around. As much as the only source of information you’re asking for may seem legitimate, you’d better get a second opinion. Procedures and processes may vary and not everyone is aware of the latest requirements.
Get to know your accountant.

As a foreigner doing business in Mexico, you’ll have a lot of paperwork and administrative procedures to follow, especially as regulations change from year to year. It is important that you find a reliable counter to help you along the way.

Patience is a virtue. As in most South American countries, the time is relative and two days can turn into a week, a week into a month, and so on. It is important to be patient and closely monitor the people with whom you have set deadlines.

Play by the rules. Regulations change frequently. Although nationals can get away with certain things, such as foreigners, it is advisable to play according to the rules. This reinforces the idea of having a good accountant who can help you with the complicated legal scenario of starting and running a business in Mexico.

Establish good relationships. A good business is built on solid relationships. For this, it is important to establish trust and know well your suppliers and customers. Take the opportunity to have lunch, share personal information, and accept invitations to social gatherings.

Great Business Ideas to Start in Mexico | Best 58 business

Legal Scenario for Foreign Investment?

Mexico, the prosperous southern neighbor of the United States, is considered one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investment thanks to its strategic location. Recent legislative reforms, as well as changes made to the Foreign Investment Act, now allow residents and foreigners to participate in previously restricted activities.

But despite the niche opportunities that have been brought about by these legislative changes, what should you keep in mind if you want to open a company in Mexico as a foreign investor?

The first and most important step is to identify and define the social objective of the company. This means defining the activities for which you will be responsible, in addition to marketing goods or services.

Although sectors open up to international investments under the Foreign Investment Act, there are still limits and restrictions on certain economic activities. Within the restricted activities, there are some in which only the State can participate.

This includes activities in the national electrical system, radioactive minerals, nuclear power generation, and ticketing. There are also activities reserved only for Mexicans, including the development of banking institutions, as well as the provision of professional and technical services (public notaries, brokers, customs brokers).

Finally, there are also activities in which foreign investment cannot exceed a certain percentage. The National Commission for Foreign Investment (FIC) allows up to 10% of foreign investment in production cooperatives;

up to 25% in domestic air transport and other specialized air transport; up to 49% in broadcasting, national newspapers, manufacturing, and marketing of explosives and firearms, as well as freshwater fishing, to name a few.

Activities that allow foreign investment of more than 49% include: concessionaires or companies that provide airfield services to the public; legal services; private services for preschool, elementary, secondary, secondary, and higher education; shipping companies, and the provision of public rail transport services.

If your company falls under one of the activities mentioned above, you must enter a CNIE request that will authorize you to invest up to 100% of the share capital. The application should have an overview of the project, social capital budget, and projected growth for years to come, as well as a detailed summary explaining the type of employee training provided.

If CNIE is required, additional information may be requested. Upon receiving the request, you have a maximum of 15 working days to respond before your request is terminated.

If your request is in order and well received, the Mexican government will issue your decision within 40 business days.

BLH is a market leader in helping local and foreign companies successfully do business in Latin America by providing a complete set of back office services in English, Spanish and French.

With offices in Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Panama we have an unparalleled reach throughout the region, and we are well positioned to help companies enter and operate within the Latin American market by providing multilingual services that are reliable, economical, and tailored to meet customer needs.

Great Business Ideas to Start in Mexico | Best 58 business

Working in Mexico; The Rules

As illegal immigrants and foreigners protest on the streets of the United States of America and promise that this is just the beginning, we ask ourselves, if you came here to work, why are you protesting on Labor Day and a Communist Holiday; Can Day on the streets of America? Besides, if you don’t like it here, why did you risk your life and break the law to come here in the first place?

Also, did you know what it takes to get a permanent work visa in Mexico? Since becoming a Mexican citizen is virtually impossible? Well, here’s what it takes to achieve and secure a permanent work visa called FM3. This adds up to an American passport that would have to be shown every time someone goes to work.

To apply for FM3, you will need to send the following certified originals (not copies) of yours:

1. Birth certificate for you and your marital

2. Marriage certificate.

3. Transcripts of high school and proof of graduation.

4. College transcripts for each college you attended and graduate exam.

5. Two letters of recommendation from supervisors that you have worked for at least a year.

6. A letter from the Chief of Police indicating that you have no arrest record in the U.S. and no outstanding warrant and was “a citizen in a good position”.

7. Finally; you would be asked to write a letter about yourself that clearly stated why there was no Mexican citizen with your skills and why your skills were important to Mexico. You can call it your letter “I am the best person on Earth.” Maybe it’s fun to write.

Well, can you say double standards for working in Mexico? You can’t just go there to start a business or go there and get a job. It’s amazing to me that illegal aliens invade our country and demand so much. I hope you understand my point, if not pearls for pigs once again. Consider this in 2006.

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